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Finance sites for  Fundamental or Technical Analysis
There are two primary camps for finding out about companies.  Fundamental Analysis is finding out about a company and what they do, where they are located, who is in charge.  It is all the qualitative information about a company.  Technical Analysis is the charts and learning what the charts mean to investors.   

bulletInvestor's Business Daily
bulletYahoo! Finance
bulletFortune Magazine
bullet CBS Market Watch
bulletSmart Money Magazine
bulletValue Line Investment Survey
bulletBig Charts
bulletStock Charts .com
bullet Morningstar
bullet ihatefinancialplanning.com

Links to Websites for Real Estate
Here are some of the web sites that I have found useful for my work.  Maybe you can find useful information for yourself.  All of these are free sites.

In light of the recent low interest rate environment, home prices have escalated dramatically.  Here is an article discussing the potential future of home prices.  Residential Prices from Lipper Analytical

bulletWSJ.com Real Estate Journal
bullet Homestore
bullet Realtor.com
bulletYahoo! Real Estate
bullet MSN House & Home
bullet Bankrate.com
bulletThe Association of Real Estate Finance

Links to Websites for Auto Information
After the Stock Market and Real Estate, the next biggest investment people make over their lifetime is the autos they purchase.  Here are some of the web sites that I have found useful.  Think about it, if you buy 10 cars over your lifetime and you save $2,000 each time, you have made $20,000 for yourself!

bulletEdmunds Car Buying Guide
bulletKelley Blue Book
bulletIntelliChoice Car Center
bullet National Automotive Dealers Association
bulletCarmax Auto Stores
bullet MSN Autos
bullet Consumer Reports
bullet Car and Driver
bulletAuto Leasing Guide

Links to Websites for Insurance Information
Now that you have a house and car, you have the necessary evil of finding insurance to protect you, your home and auto.

bulletInsWeb: Car Insurance - Auto Insurance - Term Life Insurance - Health Insurance - Home - Rates and Quotes.
bulletProgressive Auto Insurance - Official Site. Compare car insurance quotes.

Links to Websites for Travel Information
With all the necessities taken care of, let's take care of our minds with some relaxation. 

bulletYahoo! Travel
bullet Expedia Travel
bullet Travelocity.com



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