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You can click the following link to pull up a resume' Patrick Lotzer or go on and read the narrative of his career, education and interests.  Resume'

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Lotzer & Company, Inc is really about the founder, Patrick K. Lotzer. The business is called Lotzer & Company because there are 12 other owners who invested in the business however, the company is really a "Private Practice". Patrick started the business in August 1993 while working at Marsh & McLennan, Inc. in New York City. He started the company by first raising $150,000 to fund the startup of the business from outside investors and at the end of 1994, he left Marsh & McLennan to pursue a career full-time as a Registered Investment Advisor. Working out of the home allows him to devote time and money to provide the best for clients.


Ten years in business for himself, Patrick has experienced some of the best (1993-2013) of the investment world and the worst (2000-2003, 2008-2009). He has also become comfortable in handling clients goals and expectations. With more than 30 clients ranging from small Roth IRA accounts to Corporate Retirement Plans, Patrick is comfortable with understanding a variety of client�s goals and expectations.

Marsh & McLennan was a valuable learning experience for Patrick Lotzer over the six years he worked there. His last position was as a Senior Analyst in a department called "Management Analysis, Budget and Communication". This was a small department with only about 20 people, of which he was one of about 10 who were the Analysts of the department. They would analyze and report results of the Insurance Brokerage operations to the parent, Marsh & McLennan Companies as well as prepare budgets and forecasts. Patrick analyzed many of the home office departments including the Information Systems department and their budgets, which was around $80 million at the time. He also was an analyst for offshore "Captive Management" offices, which was a service department for Marsh & McLennan's largest clients. These Captive Management offices were there to handle and oversee the investments of the largest clients in offshore investment accounts. A final area was a department called Marsh & McLennan Protection Consultants, which consisted of 210 Engineers who would provide risk analysis to Marsh & McLennan's large manufacturing clients.

All this was great experience because at the end of the budgeting process, He was one of the analysts who would sit in on the budget review meetings with the heads of the company. There would be the Chairman, CEO and President as well as the eight heads of the worldwide operations.

One specialty of Patrick�s was spreadsheet analysis or "what if" scenario analysis of operations. For example, if the company was considering reorganizing operational departments, he was able to create the spreadsheet to show what the results would look like. In addition to "what if" analysis, He also used spreadsheets for allocating charges like Rent, Legal and Information Systems expenses to the operational departments.

Before this department, he was an analyst in the Controllers Group of Marsh & McLennan. He was an accounting analyst responsible for 8 offices in the Midwest and 13 in the Southeast United States. His job was to ensure the quality of the accounting at these offices.


While working at Marsh & McLennan, Mr. Lotzer attended Bernard Baruch College of the City University of New York pursuing a graduate degree in International Finance. Baruch College is one of the top schools for Accounting and Finance. In addition, because of its proximity to Wall Street in New York, Baruch College is an excellent place to learn from other students about the world of finance.

He attended the University of Cincinnati and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Carl H. Lindner School of Business Administration with a dual major in Finance and Management.

Pursuits and Activities

His first love outside of work is the game of golf. He plays usually twice a week in the golf season and enters a few tournaments per year.

A second love is windsurfing, a sport he is learning here in Milwaukee on Lake Michigan. Each of the last 3 years, his wife Diana and him have gone to Bonaire, part of the Netherlands Antilles.

Exercise has always been a part of his life. He works out five mornings per week with a 45 minute ride on a stationary bike followed by a half-hour of weight lifting.

Defining Events in his Life

Certain events or decisions are critical to the person, Patrick Lotzer. He grew up as the second youngest of eight children where he learned to share and teamwork. His father worked for paper companies and they were not a wealthy family, but yet a happy family of four boys and four girls.

On the first day of his freshman year of high school, his family moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin from small-town Menasha Wisconsin. This was a culture shock for Patrick because Menasha was a small-town paper industry city to a wealthy suburb of Milwaukee. His grade school class had only 45 students whereas his high school class had 450. Here, the biggest change was classmates talking about which college they were going to as early as sophomore year.

Patrick Lotzer originally attended the University of Cincinnati because he was recruited to play football. After his freshman year, he realized that college football was more of a full-time job than an extra-curricular activity. He decided to quit the team but continue at Cincinnati and forego a football scholarship. However, because he was reluctant to ask his parent�s for help, he paid for his education himself by working summers at a paper mill in Ohio and spending the school year working as a restaurant manager/bartender and doing odd jobs like painting.

Upon graduation, although he had offers from Procter & Gamble and a few local banks, the positions were not truly in his chosen major of Finance, he decided to move to New York. He had sent resumes to New York based financial firms and was repeatedly told that if he were there, they would hire him. Thus, he decided to move to New York in late April 1989. Within a week and half upon arrival, he was offered a job from 3 companies and that�s when he chose Marsh & McLennan, Inc. in order to gain the valuable experience of how a large firm operates successfully.

At the end of 1994, he decided to leave Marsh & McLennan to start Lotzer & Co., Inc. His feelings behind the move to New York and starting Lotzer & Co. was that he did not want to have regrets in his life. He did not want to be at retirement and think, "I had an opportunity when I was young to live in New York or to start my own business and I did not try". He has no regrets so far.

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